EIB is broke; Bola Ray sadly explains why some stars are ditching the media house (Watch)

C.E.O of EIB, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi aka Bola Ray, in a sad and inspiring video, has detailed the financial struggles EIB is experiencing, forcing some of his staff to quit working at the media house.

Bola Ray

The Excellence In Broadcasting Network, at its birth was home of stars in the media space but now, the story is different as most of these TV/Radio icons have ditched the media house for other jobs.

Bola Ray in explaining what is causing some of his staff quitting their jobs with the Kwabena Duffour owned media house, cited the financial struggle the company is facing as the reason.


In a video seen by, Bola Ray said “2018, for 7 months I have not paid salaries …at a point somebody will come and say my wife is not feeling so we travelling to go for treatment so I can’t work with you anymore, then they will leave”.

The EIB C.E.O added that people kept quitting their jobs to a point that when anybody enters his office he perceives that they want to leave too. “it got to a point that anybody who walks into my office I say are you resigning?” he said.

Detailing the financial challenges the EIB is currently faced with, Bola Ray mentioned that unlike some time back that when he goes to Kumasi and about 3 Prado vehicles come to pick him at the airport, the last time, just one saloon car came to pick him. 


Nevertheless, motivating and inspiring his audience at this year’s iYES conference, he advised that people should not be influenced by material things, adding that, difficulties in life are only eye opening opportunities.

Hear more from Bola Ray in the video below.


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