Popular television personality and host of the Standpoint  Gifty Anti has dispelled rumors that she is pregnant.

"I am not yet pregnant; I mean the doctors have not confirmed anything,” she told comedian and satirist Kwaku Simtim Misa  on the KSM show.

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According to Oheneyere Awo Dansoa as she is now called,  she was shocked to see on the Internet images of her in which her belly had been circled to indicate a bulge from the so called pregnancy.

The Gender Advocate who got married latter part of 2015 said she was taken aback when congratulatory messages begun to trickle in about her pregnancy.

“Apparently they even know where I am supposed to have my baby” She said, “As usual people started sending messages of congratulations…We are so happy…We thank God…God works in mysterious ways…I was like okay I have been married for over four months now so are we still talking about the same thing?

“So I went to braid my hair behind Trade fair and then this lady comes to say that I shouldn’t sit on the chair but rather on foam because it’s not good… I didn’t get it and she asked that my leg should be on a foam too but here I am thinking this is a matter of women’s health but then she comes back to say I have been sitting for too long and that’s what give the pregnant women the swollen legs that was when I went online to see pictures of me you know with circles all over my stomach” Gifty remarked

According to her she is always in the news for her comments on feminism and other social issue which do not seem to go well with her royal advisors. She explained that these people feel a chief’s wife is not supposed to say certain things and act in a certain way but she was already in the media before getting married hence she can’t just stop involving herself in women advocacy and empowerment

“I should have asked more questions before marrying a chief because everyday a chief’s wife is not supposed to do this or that but father-in-law I was in the media already before getting married” she addressed KSM “We are  all different this is what I am supposed to do, so I won’t become quiet  suddenly over these issue” She remarked

Gifty Anti now Oheneyere  Awo Dansoa got married to Nana Ansah  Ansah IV in October 2015 at Aburi. The two media personalities had been dating secretly for a while until they decided to make things official and get married.