I am naturally attracted to generous rich men - Salma Mumin reveals

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Salma Mumin made candid revelations about her preferences when it comes to romantic partners, asserting her attraction to generous and affluent men.

Salma Mumin

In an upcoming interview with Delay, Salma delved into her lifestyle, unapologetically embracing the term "slay queen" to describe her penchant for luxury and opulence. Reflecting on the evolving definition of the term, she emphasized that it initially referred to individuals with a keen sense of fashion, which resonates with her love for the good life.

"I can say I am a slay queen because I love a good life," Salma affirmed. "When it started it was people who could dress that we called them slay queen. All of a sudden it's been changed to people who girls who do 'rounds'. So I can't refrain from looking good."

Salma revealed her inclination towards partners who are both generous and affluent.

"I am lucky with me when it comes to someone who is generous," she confessed. "I am not even attracted to someone who isn't rich."


Dispelling misconceptions, Salma reiterated her commitment to hard work, asserting that her success and affluent lifestyle are the result of her dedication to her businesses.

"I don't do 'rounds' all my life I have worked," she declared. "People have seen my work and still decide not to believe that my work can give me this life."

Salma went on to disclose that her clothing and food ventures have been instrumental in financing her extravagant lifestyle, emphasizing the financial independence she has achieved through entrepreneurship.

"Yes, my clothing business and food sponsors my trips," she stated. "I am stating for a fact that my clothing business, my food business, they funded my lifestyle and that's not all. I am a very beautiful woman."


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