According to him, the church doesn’t have to give back to its members in time of need despite paying tithes and offertory.

“…let me tell you, it’s not the responsibility of the church to but hand sanitizers for you because you give offering. It is not. You give offering to God to receive a blessing. It’s not compulsory that the church has to bring you hand sanitizers,” he claimed in a Facebook video.

His comment caused an outrage on social media, with many celebrities slamming him.

But in an interesting response, he says he apologises on one condition – and that is if it came across as insensitive.

Addressing the outraged fans, he said: “I think my attention has been drawn to a video about a comment that I made about churches who are not providing hand sanitizers to its members.”

He provided a clarification, adding that his foundation has been offering help behind closed doors.

“I want to clarify that this was an hour video that I was making with my audience. I was actually teaching them how to use hand sanitizers and what to do in this season. And personally, the iYes Foundation has plans that is helping the people behind the scenes.”

Brian added that: “But I want to say this that if my comment came as insensitive, I want to apologise to you. I’m very sorry about it. That’s not what we stand for. We do a whole lot of things behind cameras. So, please, I want to apologise to each and everyone that feels offended by this video.”

Watch the full video below.