The Nollywood actress has disclosed that she has been depressed for a couple of days now following an irregularity she has noticed on her skin, particularly her face.

According to the Ini Edo, she is experiencing a skin discolouration which looks like eczema though it's not.

"I have been depressed for a couple of days now guys, you all know how much I love my skin and this terrible thing has happened to me," she said. Explaining what happened, the actress said she run out of skincare products and a friend introduced her to a different product which caused her this damage.

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According to the established actress, she is sharing her worries with the public so that "everyone knows that 'you are not alone, we all go through the same thing. One wrong product and the skin can be damaged forever".

Ini Edo [Instagram/IniEdo]
Ini Edo [Instagram/IniEdo]

Captioning her post which is now off her page, Ini wrote "disclaimer, I am not trying to bleach. I really love my brown sugar. This is skincare product gone bad. What can I do? I am currently on set and it's quite embarrassing especially because it looks like eczema".

She concluded her caption saying that "I need to fix this. I will keep you guys updated".