Jessica Biel says she doesn't have a normal menstrual flow and thinks her vagina is 'super' large.

Justin Timberlake's wife opened up about her menstrual  circle and her 'super' vagina while teaming up with the CEO of 'WomanCare Global', Sandra Pelletier, for a digital series on Funny or Die called 'If You Don't Tell Them, Then Who Will?'

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Jessica, along with Whitney Cummings and Joy Bryant, get candid about women's health misconceptions and reveal more than you probably wanted to know – including the 33-year-old's heavy flow during her period.

"I would have to set a timer and change the tampon every two hours because I would bleed through everything. It was like Shark Week," Jessica said about her hormone-free IUD.

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"The other problems with the big, large condoms is that they fall off," she muses. "Have you ever had that moment when you're laying there with your dude and you say, 'You gotta get in there. You gotta find it.'"

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The ladies also talked about the pill, which Jessica suggested should be rigged to sound like a baby crying.

"It's almost like the pill should have a sound, like a greeting card. Like every time you open it, it [cries like a baby]. So then you're like 'Oh my God!' and literally just guzzle them," she joked.