Are Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose tired of keeping up with their long time feud? Latest reports seem to say so.

Radar Online reports that Kanye West's wife is now ready to end her ongoing beef with Amber after the 31-year-old ex stripper's emotional speech at the Los Angeles Slut Walk, during which she forgave the rapper for his hurtful words about her.

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Sources close to the reality star say Amber's moving words did strike a chord, not just with thousands of the participants, but Kim also felt touched.

"Kim really thought that this was a huge step forward because Amber did not use her platform to slam her," a source reveals to Life&Style magazine. "And Kanye thought that it was a really nice gesture."

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But the pregnant 34-year-old isn't the only one interested in peace. Khloé Kardashian, 31, who famously sparred with the model over younger sister Kylie Jenner, is also ready to move on.

"Now that the Kardashians see how much of a huge fan base Amber Rose has, they have all kind of changed their tune. They know that Amber knows so much about them and their family and it is just at the point now where the Kardashians are ready to call a truce," the source shares.

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The insider adds, “None of them want to keep facilitating this drama anymore.” It's about time, given that ALL of these women are in their 30s…