Kim Kardashian is reportedly worried about her marriage to Kanye West and a close source claims the pregnant star is afraid that once she has her son, a divorce will become eminent.

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According to RadarOnline, the 34-year-old is "totally stressing out that with a perfect daughter and now a son her rapper husband might not be needing her anymore.

The site’s source says Kardashian likes to look “hot” for West because it’s “really important to him,” and insinuates that pregnant women cannot be attractive or that West himself is turned off by Kardashian while she’s carrying his son. The  insider also implies that once Kardashian gives West a son, “he will leave her".

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However, GossipCop claims the report is false and that Kim is not even thinking about a 'possible' divorce. According to the site, a Kardashian insider says the claims about West leaving Kim after she delivers of their son is "complete b*llsh*t".