Rapper Kwaw Kese and actor John Dumelo are the latest celebrities to jump on the ongoing argument over the legalisation of homosexuality in Ghana.

This comes after Ghana's president, Nana Akufo-Addo appeared on Aljazeera over the weekend to speak about why homosexuality is illegal in the country.

Nana Addo said legalisation of homosexuality is bound to happen in Ghana if public opinion for it legalisation grows stronger.

The President continued that at the moment, legalisation of homosexuality is "not on the agenda" and that he does not see Ghanaians and civil society groups pushing for it.

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A few hours later John Dumelo took to Twitter to run a poll on whether homosexuality should be legalised in Ghana or not and surprisingly had Kwaw Kese reply him with an important question: "Have they finished legalizing marijuana ???"

Kwaw further stated: "It's moral(ly) wrong for a man to sleep wit a fellow man. Even animals don't do such."

Dumelo bounced back with another question: "But do people care about morals these days?" and Kwaw quickly threw back the same question at him: "Do you care about morals these days?"

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Dumelo replied saying: "Of course I do". Kwaw also concluded by saying: "I do same, so does Ghana".

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Ras Kuuku on Monday morning also lashed out at gays and people advocating for its legalisation. To him, it's 'funny' and 'purely insane' to legalise homosexuality instead of cannabis (weed).

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