Lydia Forson descends on Ghanaian bloggers – we feed you regardless 

Ghanaian bloggers are lately increasing in number, steering the wheel of gossip and information across social media platforms, sometimes in a manner, Lydia Forson and other celebrities frown upon.


For the latter reason, the actress has taken a swipe at Ghanaian bloggers who also constantly take a swipe at celebrities with some derogatory descriptions such as being tagged as “ashawobrities”.


In a tweet sighted by, the actress mentioned that regardless of the negative image some bloggers project about some celebrities, those bloggers still get paid from whatever they write about celebrities.

“Entertainment Bloggers don’t seem to get that without a functioning industry YOU TOO WON'T EAT” Lydia tweeted to ignite a conversation of how bloggers and celebrities reciprocally feed each other.

She further emphasized her message by adding that “You can mock entertainers all you want, say they’re not celebrities, call them asawobrities- but like it or not, writing about even the lack of respect you have for them FEEDS you”

See more of her tweets below and tell us what you think.


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