Lydia Forson teases Sister Derby, brands Medikal a 'liar'

Actress Lydia Forson teases her friend Sister Deborah for dating a liar.

Lydia Forson with her friend Sister Derby

Miss Forson did not state the source of Medikal’s income yet the actress seems to have enough evidence to back her claims that Medikal survives by lying.

Medikal is yet to respond to the accusation by recording a freestyle in the studio for Lydia Forson, sources say.

Medikal revealed his undying love for Fella makaui in his post on Instagram and  he described Makafui  as a beautiful hardworking dark skin woman. He also added in his post that, people have misunderstood his situation with Derby and did not wish for them to part in the manner that they have.


He won a lot of people  who were against him over by sharing that piece but certainly not Lydia Forson. She was not buying it.

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Lydia Forson and Sister Derby appear to be very close friends and has been on the defense of Derby since they split.

Lydia Forson recently lashed it out on Medikal again, calling him a liar and saying that, Medikal lies for a living.


In a tweet she wrote with an attached meme of a cat in shock, it read; “You can’t be with someone who woefully lies for a living and not think they won’t lie to you. Aden wa da anaa abowaa . I’m the kind of friend that will laugh with you and AT you! Siiiiiaaaaaaaaaa next time. #KakalikaLove“.

Her tweet was not indirect at all and it was aimed straight at Medikal and Sister Derby, reminding her that she dated someone who lies for a living, so what did she expect to happen.

Sister Derby who replied to the Tweet made by Lydia said ''dem take do me wey I feel".

Rumours say that Medikal is also a game boy (Fraudster) and that’s where he makes majority of his money from and that is the reason why Lydia Forson said he lies for a living, although she couldn’t prove that point she was making.


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