Internationally acclaimed rapper, M.anifest, has cleared the air about his overrated educational background. The multiple award winning rapper, who is believed over the years has PhD in Economics says he never had it.

This revelation came as a result of a platform he opened for his fans to ask him questions while he answers on his official Facebook page. He received several interesting questions but the most liked and commented one was a curious fan who wanted to know if he really has a PhD in Economics or not.

The fan by name Dwyne Flamin asked  " Why are doing music?What do you want to acheive in music and how do you manage to do both music and study at the same time cuz i heard you have PHD in Economics is it true????"

He relied "it's not true. i don't have a phd. but i've mastered my art?"

The Ghanaian wordsmith and creative writer, will perform at The Side Showon Thursday, February 26, as part of Design Indaba Music-- a showcase of African talent at the annual Design Indaba Festival. The Side Show line-up, which will include five other acts, will be accompanied by three evenings of music at Design Indabar from 25 to 27 February.