Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been served with a fresh lawsuit from their former nanny who claims the couple fired her because their twins was getting too close to her.

According to TMZ, Simonette DaCosta, who says that she worked as a full-time nanny for the Cannons, is alleging that she was terminated for showing their twins; Moroccan and Monroe too much affection.

In the legal docs, DaCosta explains that she cared for the children when they were infants by feeding, bathing and comforting them; however, Mimi became upset over how close she was with her children.

The nanny further claims Mimi made her work plenty of overtime, adding she sometimes worked 100-hours per week for the same minimum wage.

Now, she's asking for payback for damages.

This isn't the only legal drama in the couple's life. Besides their impending divorce, Mariah is also been sued by her former assistant, Ysler Oliver for similar complaints as the nanny.

In her 2014 lawsuit, Oliver alleged that she frequently worked 16-hours/day but never got back a dime for over time.

Mariah and Nick are still to make a statement on these claims.