"Prostitution Pro Max" - Mona Gucci details how masseuses now offer 'happy ending'

Television presenter, Mona Gucci, has shed light on a concerning trend among young women on social media who are presenting themselves as masseuses, offering what they term as "happy endings."

Mona Gucci details how masseuses now offer 'happy ending'

Speaking on TV3's Lifestyle Show "The Ladies Circle," Gucci highlighted the emergence of these masseuses, who advertise their services online.

"I've seen young ladies on social media nowadays who are claiming to be masseuses like, 'Oh, I am good. That is my job. So we go from house to house. You know, if you want a happy ending.'"

Concerned by this trend, Gucci raised questions, asking, "What is a happy ending? Are we going to have lunch? Dinner? What are you talking about? Think of happiness. You think of food, right? Food makes me happy. So if you make all of us happy, if you say happy ending, what are you insinuating? What are you saying?"

She further illustrated the scenario, saying, "So let's say my husband or my boyfriend will call you because you're advertising yourself on TikTok or social media. Everyone is available, so they will give you a call. 'Ok, come to my house.' 'Ok, so yeah. How much are you charging for a happy ending?'"


Describing the situation as a form of prostitution, Gucci emphasized, "This is, excuse my French, prostitution pro-Max Highly quoted. Because if I say that, 'Oh, I will massage you in your home,' so you're gonna call me and then I come to your home, massage you. 'Oh, I want to pay for a happy ending.'"

Sika Osei, another co-host, added, "We've all come across the term happy ending. You know, we may not be able to break it down in detail what that means now, unfortunately.

"And how maybe all of you people all of us saying, 'Oh, we want to help.' You want to help you. But really, they don't need our help because they are going into it knowingly is because now people are brave enough to actually give rate cards and costs to all for all their services."

She added that most of these young ladies are not ashamed of marketing their "so-called' businesses.


"And they are not shy or bashful about it. It's now out in the open and saying, Listen, there's no need right now to beat about the bush. This is what I'm offering. Are you buying? If not, I'm moving on to the next customer."


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