Silence is golden they say.

What they did not say is that the quote is one of the ultimate rules to being the perfect Ghanaian side chick.

In the words of the self-proclaimed expert in ‘The Principles of Side Chicking’ and Ghanaian musician Mzbel, keeping quiet and lying to the youth without letting jealousy get in your way is a great trait to harness as a side chick.

“If someone’s husband sleeps with you and gives you property, you are supposed to suush (keep quiet) and continue lying to the youth that it is hard work.”

Here’s how to become a good Ghanaian side chick taking lessons from the fight between Mzbel and Tracy Boakye that has since gone viral.

Before you go ahead, below are a few research materials.

Tracey Boakye and MzBel drop each other's dirty secrets during fight over married man (WATCH)

You and I know the man we're fighting over; stop tarnishing innocent Mahama's name - Tracy Boakye

Why haven't you given him a child? - Angry Tracey Baokye shamelessly shames rival

Side Chick 101

The Urban Dictionary defines sidechick as the other woman; also known as the mistress. Or a female who neither a male’s wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship.

Mzbel and Tracey Boakye fight over a married man
Mzbel and Tracey Boakye fight over a married man

The Principles of Side Chicking

  • Silence is golden - Do not blab anyhow
  • Listen to wisdom from the experts in the game
  • Be comfortable with what is given to you
  • Jealousy won’t take you far
  • Words should not hurt you

Fundamentals of Personal Hygiene

In the journey of sidechicking are many obstacles. If it were not so, Mzbel and Tracy would not have told you.

There is an ideal world where all the rules are followed. This is not an ideal world. So, despite all the principles laid out for being the perfect side chick, rules may be broken and insults exchanged; sometimes in public, unfortunately.

When such things happen people are likely to hit their rivals where it hurts most and it’s almost always down there.

Here’s a point to take note. Your side boo today may be another’s side boo tomorrow.

Be clean down there at all times. If it ain’t true when they say it, it ain’t gonna hurt. She who has ears let her listen.


Society will judge you. Always.

That is why it is necessary to try and keep the brand up high in whatever you do. Sidechicking is no different taking lessons from the fight between Mzbel and Tracy.

You can’t go about telling everyone you are perching instead of having a man to yourself. Or that your beautiful grass to grace story is courtesy a sugar daddy.

Keep up the branding by shutting your mouth where necessary and continue to motivate the youth with your story and the only story worth sharing:

‘Hard work pays’.

Whatever their hard work is should not be your problem.