Some Nigerians have been angered that President Muhammadu Buhari hasn't still addressed the nation on the EndSARS brutality yet, Nana Addo says he has spoken with him and he has assured that he's committed to resolving the impasse peacefully.

Despite other Nigerians appreciating Ghana's President for talking about chaos, others are unhappy that he condemned any form of violence on both path of protestors and the government security forces, over defiant reasons that protestors have never been violent.

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Out of this brouhaha about Nana Addo's EndSARS tweet, a Twitter user attacked the Ghanaian President saying that "You and @MBuhari are both mad". The comment which as one of many attacking Nana Addo, has caught the attention of many including Nana Aba.

Nana Addo attacked over EndSARS tweet
Nana Addo attacked over EndSARS tweet

The broadcaster in reply wrote " if Nana Addo were your president trust me, you’d hit the streets to protest with police protection. Our army (superior in class and sense) will not open fire on you, you’ll call him names but still get free electricity and water. Now tell us, who’s mad? " with Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah adding that " it is his fadda who is mad! Mtcheew".

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