Nana Ama McBrown and 9 other most loved Ghanaian celebrities on social media

Some Ghanaian celebrities can be described as the favourite of almost everyone, therefore, all they receive on social media is so much love as compared to how others are always criticized for the least reason.

Nana Ama McBrown

On this note, here are the most loved Ghanaian celebrities on social media.

1.Jackie Appiah

In the whole world, Jackie Appiah is the most followed Ghanaian on Instagram with her over 8 million followers. This goes by far to tell that she's loved by Ghanaian social media users.

2.Nana Ama McBrown

Out of the actress' career that runs into a period around a decade, the only time she got widely criticized on social media was 7 months ago after a video of her kissing her daughter surfaced online. However, Nana Ama ate the humble pie and apologized for the act, a gesture that adds to her humility that makes people love her.

McBrown is not only loved on social media, but the corporate world loves her too and that has seen her serving as brands ambassador for a lot of brands if not starring in an advert for one of them.

3.Clemento Suarez

The Ghanaian comic actor has been in the system for years but he broke out to win more fans during the COVID-19 outbreak when he dropped an ABC skit on coronavirus.

Since then, Clemento Suarez has seen nothing apart from growing love for him on social media as he continues to crack ribs online. We get it, it's hard to hate anyone who makes you laugh all the time that even Former Prez Rawlings had no choice to laugh with him after they met.

4.Yvonne Okoro

We can't recollect anytime that Yvonne Okoro has had any sort of backlash on social media. An indication that social media users are only down to love her and nothing else. Almost all Ghanaian male celebrities are often naming her as their celebrity crush, a comment that sees these celebrities fighting over with Yvonne's male fans on social media.

5.Majid Michel

Majid Michel passes to be described as Ghana's favourite actor for at least the past decade. Apart from acting in his movies, he does less to beg for attention but he always gets it out of love. It is as if any Majid Michel slander is a criminal act in Ghana so don't ever try it for your own safety.

6.Kwesi Arthur

The Ghanaian rapper simply shot to fame out of social media, particularly Ghana Twitter. Since then his fan base on social media only keeps growing. Whilst other musicians drop songs and sweat to promote them, Kwesi Arthur can decide not to release any music and you'll see his fans begging him to hit the studio.

You'll hardly see him hopping from one media house to another to promote his songs either because the street love. Kwesi was an inch away from winning a BET award 2 years ago because the whole Ghana came out to support him and the fans voiced out their heartbreak after his loss.

7.King Promise

King Promise has literally sung his way into hearts of many and that has won him a lot of die-hard fans on social media. He gets trolled very often over his 'cambos' and Sakora but it's all out too much love as the same trolls defend equally in any argument online.

Yesterday, a King Promise vs Kuami Eugene debate popped up and he floored the 'Angela' hitmaker in all Twitter polls even though people agree Kuami Eugene is very good as well.


The Tema based music group has what can be described as a cult following, die-hard fans who go to every extent to show their love for the duo. R2Bees, especially Pae Dae, don't do social media but whenever he coughs something, it spreads like wildfire.

Paedae and Mugeez passes to be called Tema President and Vice because they own the city when it comes to music even though a lot of musicians like Sarkodie, Criss Waddle are all from the Tema.


Efya is also a darling girl on Ghana's social media platform. She qualifies to be described as untouchable Ghanaian celebrity. If you doubt and want to test this, just drop a comment on social media naming any other Ghanaian female singer apart from Efya as Ghana's best female vocalist and wait for a response.

10.Berla Mundi

The TV3 presenter has swiftly moved her brand from just a TV presenter to someone who commands so much respect in the Ghanaian showbiz landscape. Berla Mundi is always about her work and nothing apart from engaging with her fans once a while on social media.

She has gotten to a point that she doesn't address negative comments about her because her fans do the job without even being called. This was evident when Sister Derby came at her recently and she remained silent but her fans didn't spare lashing out Sister Derby.

So there you have it, Ghana's most loved celebrities on social media. Did we miss anyone?


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