Afia Schwarzenegger, on Tuesday, September 15, shared a screenshot of a message Akuapem Poloo sent her in 2017, asking her to insult her for fame.

She then warned Akuapem Poloo to keep her name out of her mouth, adding that even her kids are richer than Poloo.

But Tonardo says Afia Schwarzenegger is a liar and that she hates Akuapem Poloo for no reason.

“Who do you want from Akuapem Poloo?” he said in a video he shared on his Instagram yesterday. “You’ve made your witchcraft too obvious. Even when you decide to polish your witchcraft, nature exposes you.”

“You forced yourself on Akuapem Poloo and even addressed her as your ‘daughter’. Every Ghanaian knows this. So, why are you insulting her now?”

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He said Afia Schwarzenegger, who claims to be richer than Akuapem Poloo, will go broke if the internet is shut down in Ghana for just a month.

“Let me tell you this, if the internet is closed down for just a month in Ghana, Afia Schwarzenegger cannot survive. Because her life depends on Facebook and Instagram.”

Nana Tonardo also disclosed that Afia showed her the screenshot she shared a long time ago so, her claim is invalid.

“You showed me the screenshot you post today a long time ago. You told me she asked you to post and insult her but you refused. But after Akuapem Poloo hustled her way to fame, you forced yourself on her. Today, you are here insulting her.”

He called Afia evil, saying: “Afia Schwarzenegger possessed by an evil spirit. Her witchcraft isn’t good.”

Watch the full video below.