According to the Ghanaian Highlife musician, he knew that 2020 will be very unusual with a plague and he spoke about it because God's hand is on him. He adds that, however, nobody believed him when he put the revelation across.

Speaking on Okay FM about a song in which he said will be hit by a pandemic, he said: “I get inspiration from God when writing lyrics for my song…I knew that there will be darkness in the world and that a disease called coronavirus will come upon the world but no one will believe me".

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The singer was talking about the lyrics of his song titled 'Hello-Hello' which was released in 2008. In some part of the song, he sang that "America and Russia, me nim paa, ntawantawa bɛba, the year 2020 sɛ Ɔsum kata wiase a, mɛko ama ɔdɔ yɛwu, mɛsu ama ɔdɔ yɛwu..mebaa wiase bɛdɔɔ no Ooo

However, speaking to Abieku Santana, Ofori Amponsah said 'people could not believe that God can speak through Ofori Amponsah' and added that "but Abeiku that is my gift. My way of writing songs is something I get from God".

Hear more from him in the video below.