Showing up in just lingerie, the well-endowed lady, known as Sandra Parker, shared a video of herself fluently singing along to an unreleased song by her boyfriend with a message of how much she is in love with the song.

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From Sandra's post, she also disclosed that Pappy has an album in the pipeline to be released soon as she added that she can't wait for it to be released.

"I am in love..LOVE with that song. I can’t wait till the album is out such a beautiful piece I’m soo proud of you. I always told you from day one you deserve it everyone needs to listen to Pappykojo" she wrote.

Sandra Parker

Sandra and Pappy have been dating for about some seven years now and the former now even calls her his wife which has stirred the rumour that they might be married though there hasn't been any confirmation to that.

Mrs Pappy

Well, we won't be hurt if they are already married because the two are obviously into each other so much. Watch Sandra in the video jamming to Pappy song and tell us what you think.