Film director narrates how Lydia Forson's 'physical assault' occurred

Peter Sedufia has narrated his part of the story -- and it's not far from Lydia's.

The incident is said to have happened while she was on set around the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) premises in Accra on Sunday afternoon.

The issue was met with mixed reactions on and off social media with many questioning Lydia's use of the F-word.

Reacting to the whole brouhaha, the film director who was on set during the incident, Peter Sedufia has narrated his part of the story -- and it's not far from Lydia's.


In a long Facebook post, Peter wrote (unedited):

"THE LYDIA FORSON "SLAP" - How it happened.

This is quite long, but I hope you read it:

We were on Sunday 21st morning doing a photo shoot for my new movie "Sidechic Gang" on the street of the former residence of Ex-president Mahama. It's a common place we always filmed when I was a student at NAFTI. And even till present, students still film there without obstructions. The street is clear and almost dead since the ex-president evacuated.


The barricade has been moved further away to indicate limits.

We parked our car prop on the road away from the barricade, which admittedly, was quite blocking the road. In the middle of the shoot, a car drove at speed from the residence and stops close to our car prop. Two men got off it; then one started shouting, asking us to move the car. The second was calmly explaining to us why we shouldn't have parked our car the way we did. We reasoned with him and apologised.

Meanwhile, the other man was still yelling at us to move the car. My assistant director (Araba) got in the car, started it and the engine went off. Then, this man starts yelling again, and this time with abusive words. Even when the car had started and she was reversing to move the car, this man was still yelling, asking her to move the car. That's when one cast member (Kobina Sam) stepped in and told the man the girl is moving, how else does he want her to move. So my assistant director also added her voice that she was moving, so why is he still shouting at her. That was the beginning of the long story. The man started raining verbal abuses on Araba till she started crying.

All these while, Lydia Forson and Sika Osei were in another car few distance away, observing the scene.

They noticed Araba crying, while the man kept yelling at her.


So, Lydia got down to the scene with Sika Osei. Unhappy with the situation, she asked the man why he's yelling at the lady when she's moving.

That question angered him and he turned on Lydia. So, as Araba moved the car, the man pulled out his phone and started recording us.

It's just unfortunate most people, if not everyone, failed to notice that the "security man" was also filming with his phone camera from the very beginning of the video going viral. And that's how the whole assault started. The "security man" started filming first, and Lydia said "you're not the only one with camera, we'll also film for our evidence". And she also started filming. I also started filming, but checked later and realised it was a picture I took.

The security man didn't understand why he should be filmed, so he stopped his recording to go attack Lydia for filming him. I don't see why many people think Lydia is at fault here. Perhaps, the video available doesn't have enough from when the issue actually started, so a lot of people are accusing her of being in the wrong. To set record straight;

Lydia Forson only came in at a point where she felt she couldn't sit and watch the supposed security man verbally abuse one of my female crew members into tears just because he had some "authority" - well, that's what he said. Plus, Lydia was never slapped as some people are carrying it for their own interest.


The man, twice, attempted hitting the phone from Lydia's hands and ended up hurting her arm.

If you have the whole incidence on tape, you'd notice the unprintable, insulting and abusive words this "security man" was using, and you'd realise Lydia said nothing close to his. Everyone, from casts to crew, was angry with the man, except it's Lydia who put out a video, so lots of people are assuming she's the only aggrieved one."

Watch the incident below.


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