3 reasons why we can't forget Goldie after her death

Today, we remember what we love most about late singer Goldie.


Three years from that unfortunate day, the Nigerian entertainment scene still misses the artiste known as Susan Harvey.

Today we list three things we can't forget about the lovely Goldie.

1. Fearless


The late Goldie was fearless. When she took part in Big Brother Africa in 2012 she received a lot of hateful words and criticims. Goldie did not allow the negative feedback to hold her back. And this was how Goldie was throughout her career. No matter the backlash she got, Goldie did not allow it overwhelm her.

2. Entertainer

Goldie knew how to put on a spectacle. She was a joy to watch on stage. Goldie took time to perfect her craft. Granted she wasn't the best of singers but she made up for it by putting up a spectacle whenever she performed. You couldn't deny the fact that she was a good entertainer.

3. Fashionista

This word gets tossed around carelessly but Goldie was a true fashionista. The late singer knew how to make an appearance and command attention whenever she walked into the room, and that's because she dressed to attract attention. She was very stylish with her dressing and was never duplicated.


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