Make music a career; not a job – Zapp Mallet

Making a submission on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz show, Zapp compared Ghanaian musicians to their United States’ in terms of their overall relevance in the society.

Ace sound engineer, Zapp Mallet

Ace music producer and sound engineer, Zapp Mallet has made a passionate appeal to all stakeholders of the industry to help make music a career than just a job.

According to him, whereas artistes in the US are able influence their society to the extent of raising funds for political parties, Ghanaian musicians just have short stint of fame and then disappear.

“We need to see music as a career and we need to uphold it as that. I can’t say that you will be relevant all the time but at least, you should have something to sustain you all the time. Musicians in America go and solicit funds for politicians, but here, it’s the other way round. What is the problem? We need to develop to that extent where music will be a career and not just a job. They are two different things,” he said.

According to Zapp Mallet, if the situation is left unattended to, artistes would have no career.


“You go to other countries like America and people are playing music for 40-60 years… people play music and they die on stage. They are still relevant. But what is happening on our part of the world? It’s like music has become something that we just toil with. But it’s a career. As musicians, we need to make that happen for God’s sake. Otherwise, all these people, the Stonebwoys and the others would not have a career. They don’t have a career. [We need to work] so that at the end of the day, music will become a career. Somebody will be in music and say ‘I’m a musician’” he noted.


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