Sam Sarpong is reported to have died after taking his own life by jumping off a bridge in Pasadena.

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The Pasadena Police Department did not identify Sarpong by name, but they had received a witness report on Monday morning of an adult male who was standing on the outside of the Colorado Bridge in Pasadena.

The Police Department said in a press release:

“Numerous police officers and firefighters responded and closed off the bridge and the area below the bridge from public access. The individual demonstrated suicidal tendencies and members of the Pasadena Police Department Crisis Negotiation Team responded and established dialog with the male, (40 years of age and Pasadena resident).

While conversing with the individual, members of his family arrived and provided background regarding his emotional state. Tragically, after approximately seven hours of communication, the male jumped from the bridge into the Arroyo. He was pronounced deceased by Pasadena Fire Paramedics at 3:52 PM.”

The Chief of Police, Phillip Sanchez said in the statement:

“It is sad and troubling when an individual has become so despondent that he or she feels their only option is to end their life. These incidents can often have a significant impact on the victim’s loved ones, first responders, and the community as a whole. My prayers go out to the family,”