Though many were excited about his visit to the country, others chastised him for his choice of photography as photos he shared on his Instagram page with his six million followers perceived Ghana to be a village.

Many including vociferous filmmaker, Leila Djansi, were of the view that Jackson could have shared more “balanced” pictures of Ghana. In a Facebook post to lambast the Hollywood actor, Leila Djansi described his photos as “Western bullsh*tary”

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@samuelljackson has an agenda not different from Western bullsh*tary. They always have to portray Africa as downtrodden, hustling kids … to keep us down and keep investors away” she wrote.

Movie producer and director, Leila Djansi
Movie producer and director, Leila Djansi

The backlash has reached Jackson and responded with a tweet, explaining that he posted what caught his attention. “I posted what caught my eye & know all too well that the posts coming from the continent show an affluent, modern & high fashion lifestyle enjoyed by many. Who cares what my hotel room looked like? ” he wrote.

See his tweet below and share your thought with us.