Sarkodie can't win Grammy awards because he's only a local Twi artiste - Dr UN

In a recent controversial statement, Dr UN, a self-proclaimed international diplomat and PhD holder, has taken a swipe at Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, criticising his career and language choices.

Dr UN and Sarkodie

During an interview, Dr UN claimed that his extensive experience and achievements in international interventions and crossing borders far surpass Sarkodie’s contributions to the music industry.

"I am a PhD holder who has crossed many borders and worked on many international interventions that Sarkodie has not reached," he stated confidently.

Dr. UN went further to critique Sarkodie's use of the Twi language in his music. He argued that this language choice is a significant barrier to the rapper winning prestigious awards like the Grammys.


"He is only a Ghanaian song twister, and he is not winning GRAMMY awards because he doesn't use the universal language," Dr UN added.

This remark has sparked a heated debate among fans and industry insiders. Many have taken to social media to defend Sarkodie, highlighting his contributions to putting Ghanaian music on the global map despite language barriers. Supporters argue that music transcends language and that Sarkodie’s use of Twi is part of what makes his work unique and authentic.

Sarkodie, known for his lyrical prowess and ability to blend English and Twi in his rap, has consistently topped charts and garnered international acclaim. However, he has yet to win a Grammy, which remains a contentious point among his critics and supporters alike.

Dr. UN’s comments have undoubtedly stirred controversy, with many questioning his authority and the validity of his claims.


Despite the backlash, Dr UN stands by his statement, suggesting that adopting a more universally understood language could potentially elevate Sarkodie’s career to new heights.

As the debate continues, it raises broader questions about the role of language in music and the criteria for international recognition and success.

Whether Sarkodie will respond to Dr UN’s comments remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: this discussion has brought attention to the complexities of global music stardom and the diverse paths artists can take to achieve it.


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