Ghanaian actor, Frank Artus, born to an Egyptian father and Liberian mother, has adopted some Ebola victims' children in Liberia  under his care.

Frank Artus has been nominated for the  Humanitarian Award at the Five Continents Awards in the USA, for his dedications and effortless contributions  towards fighting Ebola out from Liberia.

It was  reported that during the ebola pandemic in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Artus teamed up with other colleagues, including George Weah, to embark on a campaign to kick Ebola out of Liberia.  Frank and his team assisted the health personnel to save the affected people.“It’s in the interest of Africans to be patriotic and take responsibility when the call to serve arises. I am glad and fulfilled to be a part of assisting people out there. I fell ill at a point in time during the crisis in Liberia and was hospitalised but I knew it was for God and country", he said.

Ghanaian celebrities including Juliet Ibrahim, Eddie Watson and others have also contributed to the fight against Ebola in different ways.