Hip life artiste, D Cryme has stated that although he feels honoured over Reggie Rockstone’s recommendation that he is a perfect replacement for former member of Praye, Choirmaster, he cannot join the group.

“Three heads are better than one, so I will encourage my fellow brethren Praye to bring on board Dr. Cryme because he is a good Twi pop Rapper,” Reggie said on Live FM.

But responding to the issue on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, Brunch2Lunch on Monday, D Cryme told host Abrantepa he wants to remain a solo artiste.

“Grandpapa [Reggie Rockstone] has been in the game foe years and it’s always a plus when he has to recommend somebody… I keep saying the name Praye is a very strong one. I think the group should come together because they did beautiful songs. Individually, they have been successful but the world is waiting for their togetherness. It is very unfortunate they split and the comeback seems not to be fully realised.

“I think anybody who starts with a solo mind always keeps going with the solo mind. Sometimes, you can collaborate. The best thing I can do for the group is to have a collaboration with them. For now, everything that I plan or write is solely based on me being a solo artiste. I will be super ready to have collaboration with them but I don’t see me being part of the group”

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Praye was formed during the maiden edition of the Nescafe African Revelations in 2002. The group emerged winner and recorded songs like Shody, Run Run Something, Ka Kyere Me, Angelina, Wohoufe among others.

Years after treating Ghanaians to good music, the group spilt. Recently, two ‘members’, Tenten and Tietia performed together at the Ultimate Fan Zone held in Koforidua and mentioned that the trio were coming back to do music.

But Honeho, now known as Choirmaster has said he cannot join the group because he has a five-year working contract with his current record label. He added that if there was any possibility of working with the group in future, it would have to be on contract basis.