Some Ghanaians want us to report and jail Funny Face - Family of accident victims reveal

The family of the two children tragically struck by Funny Face during a recent accident has made a heartfelt plea for understanding and compassion, despite mounting pressure from some quarters to pursue legal action against the comedian.

Funny Face

In an interview with Kofi TV, Nana Akomeah, a representative of the family, revealed that they have been inundated with calls from concerned individuals urging them to press charges and ensure Funny Face faces jail time for his role in the accident.

"Please share this video. I want the television stations and radio stations to know that I’m the Nana Akomeah they have been speaking to. Some people have been worrying us to press charges and insist that Chemu is jailed but I don’t think that is needed. I believe that what he needs now is to seek the face of God in his life and become a better person," he expressed.

Despite these demands, the family has chosen not to pursue legal action against Funny Face. Instead, they empathize with the comedian's personal struggles and advocate for a path of forgiveness and spiritual reflection.


"We believe that Funny Face is going through a lot in his life and what he needs is compassion and support. Also, they believe that he should rather get closer to God and be more prayerful about his life rather than be punished," Akomeah remarked.

The comic actor, Funny Face his mother, and some family members have visited the accident victims.

He visited the older woman who was knocked down, along with two kids, on the day of the incident. The woman, still admitted to the hospital, received Funny Face and his entourage.

He knelt before her and pleaded for forgiveness while explaining his side of the story. It's worth noting that before Funny Face's visit, he had covered all her hospital expenses, along with those of other victims, during his time in prison.


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