You were in JHS when I started ministry - Sonnie Badu replies 'fake degrees' critics (VIDEO)

Sonnie Badu has responded to reports that some degrees he acquired recently are fake as he has fired his critics in a new video.

Sonnie Badu

Pulse Ghana

The Gospel singer's academic qualifications have been challenged by a Twitter user who dug deep into the institutions that issued them after the “baba” hitmaker revealed that he acquired a degree, master and PhD in the space of 4 months.

But a Twitter user with the handle ‘@mnm_mensa’ argued that his degrees are a scam. He indicated that he used Google Scholar search and emails to dig deep into all the certificates Sonnie Badu has and concluded that they are scam.

Responding to this in the video has seen, Sonnie Badu said " trying to trend out of somebody's handwork is not the right way to go if we want Africa to move forward ... I don't have a problem if somebody comes up to me to explain but when somebody goes out, misquote you, I don't back out you know me, I roar back".

According to the singer who is now the founder of Rock Hill church in the U.S " those doing this be careful it's not anybody you play with, I am actually working on my PhD on Theology as well, I am done with Philosophy I am doing my Theology, I just don't come out to tell the world this is what I am studying".

Firing back at his critics on social media, he noted that "when I started ministry some of you were students in school, Senior High, Junior High, whatever but today internet gives you strength to go on to talk".

Sonnie Badu in the video below continues that "I don't even know how old they are, have the audacity to disrespect and others are jumping, it doesn't move me, it doesn't touch me because I know their mindset that's why I don't live there, I know the mindset of my people".


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