Drake and his unbelievable dance moves in his new video for 'Hotline Bling' has favorite talk show host, Trevor Noah talking… and he's not talking good things.

'The Daily Show' host dissed the rapper on the October 20 episode of his show, saying  Drake is an embarrassment to the mixed community and that his horrific dancing is going to get mixed race individuals black statuses revoked! Ouch!

"Huge news coming out of Canada last night," Trevor said at the start of his show Tuesday evening. He then played a clip of Drake’s new video and said, "What the hell, Drake? What the actual hell were you doing there? What were those dance moves?"

He continued, "Do you know how hard we’ve worked to be called black? And then you do this to us, Drake! You’re going to get our black status revoked. What were those moves? I hope this was a joke."

Noah only joins millions of fans who have created dozens of super funny memes that make it look like Drake's dancing to songs from Latino singers, Justin Bieber, Beyonce and even the theme from 'The Cosby Show' instead of his own song.

However, a source tells Hollywood Life that the good thing is that Drake isn't taking the jokes personally.