Producer and singer Lil Shaker has divulged that, despite his coterie of admirers or fans, he is a victim of the world most common cyber crime -- cyberbullying.

He revealed this whammy, reciting some instances during a one-on-one interview on Pulse TV.

"I am a victim of cyberbullying -- everyday they talk about us (he and his colleague musicians). They bash us and spread false rumours about us.

"I've had calls from friends saying 'chale, this guys is talking about you on Twitter' but chale, I've slept, Mada Kraa," he said.

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Talking about how he deals with cyberbullying, he said he is not scared of those attacking me because he is not new to the game and the crime as well.

"I am not scared when I get calls like that because I am not new to the game. I have witnessed situations like that so I know how to handle them -- I'm far from scared," the "Amen" singer opined.

Watch the full interview above.