Use some of the 'Papa No' money to create jobs; Yvonne Nelson laments on unemployment

Yvonne Nelson is unhappy about the rate of unemployment in Ghana and she wants something to be done.

Yvonne Nelson

According to the Ghanaian actress, some of her school mates at Central University are still unemployed even though it's been more than ten years after graduating. Yvonne's lamentations are coming with calls for people to support young brilliant Ghanaians.

"People have DREAMS, IDEAS...TALENTS..... but no one to fund it/them.... look at us.leaders who don’t even support IDEAS and YOUNG MINDS. If you suggest anything they go don't have the experience...." she tweeted.

Proposing ideas as to how this can be tackled, she shared another tweet saying "Support young people! Stop killing BRILLIANT IDEAS! Use some of the #papano and #mafia money to support YOUNG BRILLIANT GHANAIANS! Create jobs, having a degree with no job is pile of sh*t a lot of my mates from central university are still jobless! Its been more than 10yrs".

It's unclear who exactly Yvonne tweet is targeted to it's safe to suggest that she means that politicians and leaders of the country should use the money they invest into their 'Papa No' affairs should be used to support brilliant Ghanaians with those who make a profit from their 'Mafia' business to also do same.

'Mafia' has become a more common term after the opposition party used it describe some government officials around the Agyapa deal and the 'Papa No' term popularized from Tracey Boakye and MzBel's fight over a married man alleged to be a politician.

See her tweets below and reactions from her fans.


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