Some Ghanaian Movie Producers are ‘Fools’ – Socrate Sarfo

“I am interested in promoting new talents in movies rather than known faces".

hief executive Officer of Movie Africa, Socrate Sarfo has said that some Ghanaian movie producers are ‘Fools’.

The entertainment pundit on Happy FM told Dr. Cann that the Ghanaian Movie Industry has suffered countless setbacks which could have been halted by the industry players but due to the egoistic desire of some of them, the problem has wrecked the industry.

“I don’t really understand how some Ghanaian movie producers behave but I can say that some of us are fools. It is our own doing that is killing the industry.”

Meanwhile the ‘Hot Fork’ hit movie producer who is attributed with over one hundred movies since 1988 said the reasons why he (Socrate Sarfo) opted out from the movie industry business was because the new talents he featured in movies compared themselves to already known actors and charge astronomical fees.

“I am interested in promoting new talents in movies rather than known faces but these upcoming actors/actresses compare themselves to the known faces and want to be paid same as a popular movie star so I couldn’t hold on to that agreement and parted ways with them.”

The other reason he noted was that Ghanaians are no longer interested in purchasing movies but rather depend on the free to air television stations to air these movies making the industry unprofitable.

“Most of the movies are been shown on free to air television stations for free and that makes most of us lose a lot of money.”

Socrate is known for sensational movies like Dry Season, Keep My Love, Wicked Forces, Room 027 sweet hell.



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