Rising Stars: 10 new Ghanaian actors to watch in the spotlight

As of my last update in April 2023, the Ghanaian film industry was buzzing with emerging talents who have begun to make their mark and show great promise for the future. Here are ten new Ghanaian actors whose performances and dedication to their craft suggest they are ones to watch. These actors, through various roles and projects, have demonstrated exceptional skill, versatility, and a passion that sets them apart as the next generation of stars in Ghanaian cinema.

Etty Bedi

Esi Hammond has captured audiences with her compelling performances in both television series and films. Known for her versatility and depth in character portrayal, she is quickly becoming a sought-after actress in the industry.


Kobina Amissah-Sam, who gained attention for his role in a critically acclaimed international film, continues to showcase his talent in local productions. His ability to bring authenticity and emotional depth to his characters makes him a standout.

Jessica Williams has been turning heads with her performances in recent Ghanaian movies. Her natural charisma and ability to connect with the audience have made her one of the promising talents in the industry.


Anthony Woode has shown incredible range in his roles, proving himself as a versatile actor capable of tackling various genres. His dedication to his craft is evident in the complexity he brings to each character.

Etty Bedi is known for her roles in popular Ghanaian television series, where she has demonstrated her acting prowess and ability to capture the nuances of her characters, making her a young actress to watch.


Emerging as a fresh face in Ghanaian cinema, Quasi Blay has shown promise through his performances in indie films. His passion for acting and natural talent hint at a bright future ahead.

Gifty Asante has quickly become notable for her engaging performances. Her ability to embody diverse roles and her on-screen presence suggest she will be a major force in the industry.


Jeffery Nortey has gained attention for his roles in television and film. His commitment to exploring complex characters and bringing genuine emotion to his performances makes him one to watch.

Bella Agyeman, a fresh and vibrant talent, has begun to make her mark with captivating performances that showcase her potential as a future star in Ghanaian cinema. Her ability to connect with audiences and bring characters to life with authenticity and passion makes her an exciting addition to this list of actors to watch.


Peter Ritchie has made significant strides in a short period, showcasing his versatility and depth as an actor. His performances have earned him critical acclaim, marking him as a rising star in the industry.

These actors represent the vibrant future of Ghanaian cinema. With their diverse talents and commitment to their craft, they are poised to make significant contributions to the industry, captivating audiences both in Ghana and internationally.

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