The 90-minute episode of the season five finale of 'The Walking Dead' was intense, shocking, with lots of OMG moments.

Without giving out much spoilers, check out five most shocking moments from the finale.

Nicholas shots Gleen.

Glenn did survive the shot. He attacked Nicholas, but couldn't bring himself to kill him. ( That is what happens when you have a good heart).

Morgan is still very much around.

His return and encounter with the Wolf guy provided an answer to the question of why all those walkers had Ws engraved on their foreheads.

When Sasha turns to Gabriel for help, he rejects her while blaming himself for everyone's death. The dispute comes to blows with Gabriel begging Sasha to kill him.

Daryl And Aaron fall into a trap.

Daryl almost met his end when he stumbled upon a delivery truck, which didn't have food, but dozens of walkers.

Pete killed Reg, and then Rick killed Pete.

Someone had to die, and Alexandrians Reg and Pete were the ones to exit the show. Pete went after Rick with Michonne’s discarded sword.

He ended up slitting the throat of Deanna’s husband who was trying to calm him down.

Upset Deanna told Rick to kill Pete, which he 'happily' did.