Reggae singer Bongo-I blasts critics over Edem's song "Nyedzilo"

"Nye dzi lo, nye kpe" is an old folk slogan in Borborbor music - a traditional dance of the people of the Volta Region, where it originated from," said Bongo-I.


Success and fame are offsprings of hardwork, dedication, perseverance and discipline. Edem is one hell of an artiste who combines all these with a lot of humility.

"Nye dzi lo, nye kpe" is an old folk slogan in Borborbor music - a traditional dance of the people of the Volta Region, where it originated from. I'm sure many people can relate to most of these generational folktales, songs and slogans which don't belong to any specific individual - but a societal embrace thus can be used by anyone, regardless. It takes real talent and creativity to discover and rebrand those to fit into current literary works, as was perfectly done by Edem on his new cut "Nyedzilo". I wouldn't want to rub it in the face of anyone but I'm just sounding a word of caution to people (especially upcoming artistes) who tend to take others on for using such folktales or generational slogans as them to shut up. Anyone can use them, like I stated earlier, so I see no point where upcoming acts instead of work on themselves to get themselves to the top be jumping at others (especially Senior Acts) for accusing them of stealing their songs, allegedly. Edem is a very matured musician who has risen through the ranks and I am not sure he will find interest in stealing anybody's song, be it an upcoming act or a veteran act - Edem is a good songwriter - judging from his earliest to current musical notes. Perhaps, was just coincidental he used the same slogan or jargons as was used by others but nobody has the right to question or jump at his throat for using or 'stealing' their song - it's inappropriate! I say it very loud and proud that Edem did not copy this song from any singer (or if any musician feels Edem copied their song, the law court is there for them to prove it or simply shut up).

"I would very much love to caution our young and upcoming artistes that it is impossible to reach stardom by unnecessarily discrediting senior artistes who have worked so hard to achieve their awesome status in the industry. They should rather learn from them because even if they achieve stardom by discrediting big shots like Edem, they will not last a day up there because they don't  have what it takes to sustain their  rudely acquired fame. Edem remains the King of Hiphop/Hiplife/Rap of our time in Ghana. Until he was able to release a complete Ewe Rap album to shoot it to the global stage and make way for people from our Region (Volta) to feel proud of using our language in music, all of them were hiding until Edem came out boldly to prove it. Go Get Them!" said Bongo-I

Bongo-I is one of the seasoned Reggae artistes from the Volta Region, he has released 2 albums already which has seen a huge patronage mostly within the Volta Region between 2008 till now. He doubles as a professional teacher under the Ghana Education Service as well as radio host of "Burning Reggae" on the most vibrant radio station in the Volta Region, Kekeli 102.9fm.


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