Ded Buddy labels GHAMRO as ‘clowns of a non-existent music industry’

In his continued fight to bring to bear the shortfalls of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), afro-pop musician Ded Buddy (QWECi) has fired another shot at the executive of the royalty organisation.

Ded Buddy and Rex Omar

The President of GHAMRO, Rex Omar, and other executive members were put in a tight corner during a music seminar organised by Charterhouse Ghana Limited – the organisers of the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

During the seminar, a showbiz enthusiast Seven Xavier dragged Rex Omar for not performing and accused him of blocking people with technical knowledge from help the organisation to grow.

Commenting on Xavier’s clash with Rex Omar, Ded Buddy labelled GHAMRO as ‘clowns of clowns’ and ‘clowns of a non-existent music industry.’

In a long Facebook post, he noted: “CLOWNS OF CLOWNS. Before I get to the Circus of the Clowns of a Non-Existent Music Industry, I want to thank my brother Seven Xavier. I am super proud of you for passionately standing against the odds of our non existent music industry.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to do business in a sector that is lucrative but the fact that you feel you can take from rights owners is sad. We know how many creatives have passed just because they could not foot their hospital bills and their families are left with nothing even with the amazing works created. I wish I could be quiet like most artistes in THAT industry but I can not because I am also a creatives.


How many times have we been told the same story these clowns dish out. People are not paying this and people are not paying that and yet still you do nothing about it. As our brother said you do NOT want to fix it. It’s sad but KARMA has a way of coming back around. You may not feel like you are winning but if you won’t pay for this mess you’ve caused a generation someone will surely pay the piper.

Creatives we need to stand up because these people do not care about you or your music. They care about robbing you of your hard earned money (Royalties). We need one voice and I know some will sit there and not voice out because they are in bed with these clowns but the ones who will stand just know that it’s for the future generations in which your son or daughter might be part of.


To the clout chasing vampires we know who you are. We see you on the panels. Say hi to Karma for us when she comes knocking.”


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