The Ghanaian traditional musician known for his unique style of music with his ‘kologo’ has disclosed how much he will charge for a show abroad and it runs into millions. King Ayisoba mentioned his booking fee whilst granting an interview on TV Africa.

During the interview with Larry Bozzlz, a viewer from Canada sent a message asking how much it will take to have the “I want to sue you my father” crooner in the country for a show, and he said, “they will give me 2 billion for at least 2 show”.

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It is, however, unclear what currency King Ayisoba quoted his booking fee in but believes that he could be referring to the old Ghana cedi. In that sense, he means GHC200, 000.

The musician ever since his breakthrough in the mid 2000s has been touring places abroad, entertaining the world with his craft. Watch the video below to have a fair idea of how much he has been making from his gigs abroad.