Hiplife musician,

The “Clap 4 Me” hitmaker, who was denied nominations at the 17th edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards despite his hard work under the year in review told Pulse.com.gh that, Chaterhouse – the organisers of the awards has branded it with favouritism.

“Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is like somebody’s party. They choose to invite whoever they find fit. Maybe they were thinking that, ‘we don’t want that gentleman this season’ and I think that led to my exclusion from this year’s ceremony,” Kontihene told Pulse.com.gh

Nonetheless, he has no issues with the award scheme because he still believes it’s Charterhouse’s event so they have the right to do what pleases them.

“But I don’t have a problem with that. It’s their show (event). They decide who comes and who  doesn’t come on board. They decide to do whatever pleases them and I think they are free to do so” he added.

Meanwhile, the rapper has taken a swipe at MUSIGA president, Bice Osei Kufour (Obour) over a statement he released yesterday (May 26) which suggested that musicians desist from the use of profane lyrics.

Kontihene told Pulse.com.gh that Obour should rather apologise to Ghanaians over the profane lyrics he used in his songs when he reached the pinnacle of his music career.

“Obour should come out and apologise to Ghanaians about ‘Konkontiba’  because of the kind of (profane) words he used in the track. Before talking about profane music in the industry, he should first come and apologise.

“I think morally, Obour is not fit to condemn any profane song. He championed a profane song and he succeeded so at this time, he should enjoy his tenure in office, loot all the money he can and after his tenure, we can sit down and talk about profane songs. For now, he is not fit to talk about profane song,” Kontihene stated.