According to the “Jennifer Lomotey” hitmaker, the Highly Spiritual Music label owner ripped off his song and handed it over to his signees, Mr Drew and Krymi.

The song in question is titled “Dw3” – which was performed by Mr Drew and Krymi and features BET Award-winning rapper Sarkodie.

“I’ve heard the song,” he told Abeiku Santana on Okay FM when asked if he’s aware the song has been released. “I didn’t react when I heard it.”

During this interview, Mr Drew and Krymi were present – prompting a heated argument over copyright infringement.

Krymi stepped in to say he was called by his boss to perform the song and that if Kurl Songx has any issue, he should confront Kaywa and resolve amicably.

Mr Drew, Krymi hook up with Sarkodie for "Dw3"
Mr Drew, Krymi hook up with Sarkodie for "Dw3"

“It was Kaywa who called me and said he has a song for me to perform. So, if you have any issue with Kaywa, you should cut me off that line,” he stated.

Kurl also said he contributed to Krymi’s hit single, “Dede”, which the latter denied.

Kurl Songx, who hit the limelight after winning MTN Hitmaker 5 winner, quit 2019 Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual Music label after back and forth with the owner.

Watch the full interview below.