The “Run Away” singer in an interview on Thursday, November 7, revealed that the CEO of Phamous Philms has kept her music video with him for over a decade despite paying him for the work.

She told Jon Germain on Starr FM: “I saved up so much money from performances, scouted for location, paid Gyo Gyimah of Phamous Philms for a music video, and for more than 10 years, I haven’t seen the video. Gyo Gyimah said the video mysteriously vanished from his machine.

“He told me his computer crashed and then it will be retrieved, but upon numerous calls to him, he didn’t even return the calls nor my videos, not to talk of a refund.”

Gyo Gyimah and Irene Logan
Gyo Gyimah and Irene Logan

Responding to this, Shatta Wale descended on the film director and didn’t spare Irene Logan either.

He called on Ghanaian artistes to speak up about issues in the industry instead of massaging them.

The singer wrote on Facebook (unedited): “This is so sad but don’t come tell me this after 10years ,You should have said this long time ago cuz u paid with your hard earned cash and kept the pain inside you ..If it was me like he will choose either beatings or pay me back ...What none sense..

Ah somebody’s dawta…

Many Gh artiste have these stories but they won’t come and say it ..They are waiting for Jesus to come and tell him ..The way Jesus will slap you erh !!!!!”