2 mins NFL commercial cost $2M and employed over 1500 Ghanaians - National Film Authority

Chief Executive Director of the National Film Authority, Juliet Asante, has revealed the significant impact of the recent NFL commercial shot in Ghana.

NFL commercial

In an interview on TV3 New Day with Berla Mundi, Asante shared insights into the production, highlighting the employment of over 1500 Ghanaians and the substantial economic benefits it brought to the country.

During the interview, Asante said, "You look at the recent example that we had, you see that it employed over 1500 Ghanaians from the NFL? Yes, yes. And over 500 Ghanaians on that production."

Asante emphasized the co-production aspect of the project and explained why the lead character was not Ghanaian.


"That production alone, look at the market scene. All the market people in there will be taking care of, for example, that the little boy is not Ghanaian. So that was also quite, you know, the thing about co-production, too, is that if it's 100% Ghanaians, then it's not a co-production. You get what I'm saying. So it's like you're doing something 100% of something. You get 80%. But then you're so worried about somebody else getting 20%. We acknowledge that we have to acknowledge that when you're doing something in partnership with other countries, you cannot have 100%."

Asante further delved into the financial aspects of the project, revealing that the NFL commercial cost approximately $2 million.

"Well, let me say, without going deep, I would say that it was a little short of 2 million. It's a small ad, but a little short of $2 million. And that is money that goes to paying people."*

Asante also explained the economic distribution within the film sector, stating,

"The way the value of the sector is spread. When people come, they pay staff, all the workers who everybody is paid. Like I said, hotels, they sleep in hotels, they rent equipment, they eat, they buy things, you know, crabs that they take away from. For instance, we learn this deal."


Reflecting on the competitive landscape, Asante acknowledged the efforts required to attract such projects to Africa. She emphasized the significance of positioning Ghana as an attractive destination for international production, considering the country's beautiful environment and skilled workforce.

The NFL commercial shot in Ghana, was recently aired during the Super Bowl LVIII, titled "Born to Play," and it quickly grabbed attention for its unique setting and heartwarming message

The 2 minutes 27 seconds commercial follows Kwesi, a young boy in Accra, who dreams of playing in the NFL despite not having access to traditional American football resources.

It showcases his passion and dedication, as he imagines himself playing on a big stage and overcomes obstacles in his pursuit.

The commercial ends with Kwesi catching a makeshift football, symbolizing the universality of the dream and the potential that lies beyond borders.


The commercial was filmed in various locations across Accra, including the bustling Makola Market.

It features local actors alongside NFL stars like Saquon Barkley, Justin Jefferson, and Cameron Jordan.

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