Why fans believe Dr. Setor Norgbe was cheated (Pulse Contributor’s Review)

TV3's Ghana’s Most Beautiful has over the past two months gathered the views of thousands of pageant lovers.

Dr. Setor Abra Norgbey

The well celebrated beauty pageant is an initiative of TV3 to showcase the cultural heritage of the various regions in Ghana. And to encourage the appreciation of our culture.

Last Sunday’s episode of Ghana's Most Beautiful, just like the previous week's episode did not really go down well with quite a number of viewers.

This is because it seems as though Setor Abra Norgbey is being cheated and treated quite unfairly.

Last night's episode left viewers wondering what exactly constitutes The Most Eloquent Award.


Fans have questioned how Sarfoa, who danced more than she spoke, was awarded Most Eloquent of her peers. While Setor, who performed a spoken word poetry on love flawlessly was left empty-handed.

Fans believe Most Eloquent should have either gone to Dr. Setor or Mfodwo. Arguing that, they were the only two who did well in terms of eloquence.

However, Dr. Setor Abra Norgbey was said to have topped her peers in eloquence. Making reference to how she fluently spoke two international languages and added a flare of her native language in her poetry recital.

This incident makes it quite clear that the judges seem to want to dim the light of Volta Region's brilliant Representative.

Here is what two fans had to say;


Dorcas Sackey on TV3's official page said: "Sorry girl. It wasn't yours today. You didn't at all... deserve today's award. Please judges allow the girls to battle out their capabilities, strength and worth. Let the truth be told and let's stop highlighting one person to the extent of seeing her over others when truly others at a point stand out louder and clearer to be appreciated too. Judges, go back and watch a play back and see how you rid someone off her award"

Fada Promzy said: "U can't keep us awake till now only for some of us to witness this. What at all did someone who roamed on the floor for 4min in her 6min performing say to win most eloquent? The judges came with pens, given marks to each performer but when it's time to award, there they start searching through. Does that make sense?"

In light of this, it is without doubt that the award should have gone to Dr. Setor Abra Norgbey for her flawless eloquence.

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