How to accelerate your real estate business using social media

With current technological development and the rising number of online users among the middle age group, most industries have embraced and focused their marketing on social media.

How to accelerate your real estate business using social media

Real estate is one of the industries that are using social media to get quality leads.

In this article, we are going to see how we can super-charge your marketing through social media as a realtor.

According to National Association of Realtors, quality leads are generated from social media. In the report, Facebook takes a larger share followed by LinkedIn and Instagram respectively. It is very clear that for any successful realtor to stay on top in the industry, they need to do some exceptional practices that will help them maintain the digital space, generate leads and stay up with the trends in the industry.

First, you need to have complete information about your real estate company. This information includes location, phone numbers, emails, website address or landing page.

For Facebook and LinkedIn, this can be updated in the “About” section while on Instagram, you will have to change your personal account to a business account.

Without a doubt, high-resolution photos and videos do very well. It has high engagement and social share which will boost your brand and generate more leads.

Ensure that you continue posting content on your social media accounts. It can be tiresome but being active affirms the brand's presence in the social media space.

In addition, when posting content on social media ensure that you are available to answer comments or respond to your followers. Do not use an auto-reply bot. It ruins brands as they can respond irresponsibly.

Let your followers feel that you aren’t just a company but have an aspect of human.

For content that you post on your social media accounts ensure that your contact details are clearly visible and that your followers can easily get in touch with you. Since the basis of using social media for property developers is to generate leads, it makes sense to include such information.

Social media is a platform for generating social proof and making your potential customers trust you. Let them see what you have achieved as a company. Let them see your performance record.

We all agree that we use social media to verify the true authenticity of a real estate company or any company you are interested in their products.

Social media is one of the digital touchpoints of most consumers before purchasing a product or service.

Act like one and people will believe in you. Be a leader in your industry. Be familiar with real estate development in your location. Use social media to update your followers.

Develop a brand that people will be referring to for news updates in real estate. Post resourceful and helpful content. Perhaps this is the area that you shouldn’t try to pitch anything. A solid brand is built through content. Master the art and play it to your advantage.

Do you have new properties in a particular area? The best way to update your clients of your new properties is through social media.

Have a clear description of the property, use high-resolution images and have contact information.

Social media advertising is sometimes called social media targeting, it is the best way to generate leads. It allows you to target a specific demographic that your property will best suit.

The cost per lead from social media is often cheap compared to other platforms like pay-per-click advertising.


How have you been utilizing social media platforms? Getting to understand the general idea of where you need to major in your online efforts is a great step towards maintaining and expanding your market share.

Getting started with social media is free and easy. Staying consistent and continuously upgrading your way of doing things will give you an edge over your competitors.



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