5 co-wives organise surprise party to honour husband for 30 years of peaceful coexistence

Five wives of a Ugandan man recently blew his mind after they jointly organised a surprise party for him to mark thirty years of peaceful coexistence.

Five co-wives organise surprise party to honour husband for 30 years of peaceful coexistence

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According to Nilepost.co.ug, the five women who are married to Hajji Mohammad Ngobi threw the party in Nabidongha zone, Iganga town. The party was held at one of their homes to celebrate Ngobi’s 57th birthday.

The wives are Aisha Namatende, Zulufah Nampina, Sumaya Ngobi, Hajjati Lamulal Ngobi, Aminah Namukose and Sharifah Ngobi.

It is reported that the women have been married to Ngobi, a prominent businessman who doubles as the prime minister of the Nagwere clan in Iganga for a period of between 10 to 30 years.

The event triggered admiration and amazement within the neighbourhood because it was rare for polygamous marriages to be without issues.

The five co-wives thanked Hajji Ngobi on his special birthday for creating a harmonious relationship among them. They said that Hajji Ngobi had never discriminated against any of them in his treatment and ensured that he always shared all family resources equitably.

Hajji Ngobi was humbled by the kind words from his five wives and their children that he became emotional. He said that he did not expect his wives to spring such a surprise party on him.

Sharing the secret behind the peace and harmony that prevails in his family despite being a polygamous man, he said he treated all the women with respect.

“I have been able to build a house for each of my wives and they all have a business. Before I add another one, I am always open to the new one to know that she is not alone, but that there other women as well,” Hajji Ngobi said.


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