Some seven Kenyan senior police officers are currently in in trouble and have been charged for assaulting no less a person than Njiru county Deputy County Commissioner, his wife and son after accosting them on their way home on Saturday.

James Mwangi Wamute alongside his wife, Charity Mukue and son Brandon Ngigi were again locked up in a police cell in Gitiha sub-location, according to

The officers have been identified as Sergeant James Mwangi, Corporals Chege Njoroge and Christopher Mawili, Constables John Maseki, Naftali Laibuni, Joseph Chesereng and Martin Munene.

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A report sent to Vigilance House (Kenya’s police headquarters) indicated that the said officers assaulted the deputy minister and his family around 7:30pm on June 15, and although he showed them his certificate of appointment from the ministry of interior, they were not deterred.

They were reportedly beating up the minister’s son, son Brandon Ngigi when he walked up to the officers to intervene, but they ended up assaulting him in addition, without sparing his wife.

The officers initially accused the government official and his family of obstructing them by offloading murram on the feeder road heading to their home. However, they contradicted their first account by booking them for affray which means fighting in public.

The errant police officers have been reportedly charged with assault and causing bodily harm and malicious damage to property.

Meanwhile, James Mwangi Wamute and his family were released to get medical treatment after the police at the Githunguri station realised the incoherence in the account given by their colleague officers.