“He was my favourite” but “I hate him” - 81-year-old woman narrates how grandnephew raped her

An 81-year-old woman could not hold back her tears as she recounted her painful rape ordeal at the hands of no other than her grandnephew who she allowed to stay in her house.

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According to her, her great-nephew named Jewell Powell attacked her while she let him stay in her home.

New York Daily News reported that she allowed Powell to live on her couch for about a month in 2019 but on June 13, 2019, everything changed.

“I was in my bedroom watching TV. I got up to go to the kitchen. He was there naked. He grabbed me,” she told the court.


The suspect reportedly dragged the octogenarian to her bedroom and raped her, and her attempts to fight back annoyed Powell who threatened to hurt her if she did not stop resisting him.

“When I kicked him, he put me back on the bed, put his hands on my throat and said, ‘Next time you do that I’ll smother you,’” the traumatised woman said.

After sexually satisfying himself with his great-aunt, Powell gave her a knife and asked her to kill him.

The woman further told the court that when she refused to kill him, the suspect threatened to kill himself.


The victim disclosed the incident to her grandson and daughter who reported it to police before Powell was arrested two days later.

He has since been held at Rikers Island on $70,000 bail.

The victim told the court that the suspect “was my favourite” but after the incident, “I hate him”.



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