Indian man dips hand in female passenger's underpants during flight

The wife of the accused as well as his lawyer argued that he was a flight risk after proving he ingested plain Tylenol.


Ramamoorthy, who was charged with aggravated sexual abuse and held without bail after an appearance in a Michigan Federal Court the following day was reportedly living in the United States of America on a temporary visa.

The Independent News UK reported that the victim woke up to find her shirt unbuttoned as well as the man's hand in her pant.

This was confirmed by female prosecutor Amanda Jawad who disclosed that the accused stop the act as soon as the abused woke up.


She reportedly disclosed what had happened to her to flight attendants who informed federal prosecutors that the victim came crying to them prompting them to offer her a different seat.

Ramamoorthy's wife who visited the circle to confirm what had gone wrong explained that her husband had taken “plain Tylenol" which made him a potential flight risk. The prosecutor however submitted that she appeared to be either covering for him or was totally absent minded about the incident.

“It seems that she's either colluding with the defendant to cover up his actions or she's completely oblivious to what he did,”

“What makes this offence particularly egregious and the defendant even more of a danger to the community is the fact that it took place on an aeroplane. He was brazen enough to do this basically in public, next to his wife where anyone could have seen him,” Jawad said.


After a lawyer for the accused, Richard O'Neill successfully argued that he was a flight risk using his medication as a backing, Magistrate Judge Steven Whalen, who described the matter as a “very unusual case,” ordered that Ramamoorthy be remanded pending trial.

Sexual assault in Nigeria

Cases of women being sexually assaulted in Nigeria during flights are hardly reported but one will find more common unsolicited advances between adult males and teenagers who are often intimidated and threatened.

In Ibadan, Nigeria, Mr. Shuaibu Ahmed, a 70-year-old ex-soldier initiated a sexual assault on a girl of 14 who is five months pregnant, by paying her N100 after getting her disvirgined.


The victim in a report by Vanguard News revealed that her tormentor who also threatened to kill her if she divulged details of their activities acknowledged that he deflowered her.

It was further confirmed that the former military person also known as 'Papa Soldier' gave her a higher N200 denomination in a subsequent meeting.



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