Angry groom slaps bride at wedding reception to the surprise of guests

Merrymaking at the wedding reception of a couple came to an abrupt end after the groom lost his temper and slapped his bride to the surprise of family, friends and other guests.

Angry groom slaps bride at wedding reception to the surprise of guests

According to her, the event was ongoing smoothly but suddenly, things turned sour and nobody knew what the bride had done to infuriate the groom to the extent that he couldn’t control himself on the day they were supposed to be happy.

@MmantiUmoh warned her fellow women to stay away from abusive men, adding that “one doesn’t owe violent people love”.

Narrating the incident in a Twitter thread, she said: “At the reception today, the groom slapped the bride so hard for one second I thought a helium balloon had burst. While we were taking 10 seconds to recover from the shock... “Angel”; Please let’s march in ****is tired and under a lot of pressure, let’s please just go in and...”

@MmantiUmoh went further to disclose how the groom’s best man was taken aback at his action and asked the assaulted bride what offence she committed to warrant the public shame.

“And maybe it’s worthy of note that even the best man asked angel “what did you do to him, why is he upset?” Well, the mc called and music roared and everyone walked in like nothing had happened. The couple danced from the entrance to the podium. The cycle of domestic violence begins.”

She again revealed that families and friends of both the groom and the bride were present and witnessed the embarrassing scene.

“Please don’t ask me what I did. I did absolutely Nothing! Their parents witnessed the slapping ceremony.... some of their family members did too. I went home. I had a migraine. I don’t want to attend any weddings for a bit again. I will send my gift.

“For those who insist on living with domestically violent partners. Well, I imagine God doesn’t rejoice over a marriage ending, but do you think God is okay with you being abused and living without love? Do you believe it’s possible that God might hate that even more?” she quizzed.


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